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Curta Calculator Type I

Curta Calculator Type I Other photo   Category : Science & Medicine (Pre-1930) > Scientific Instruments > Other
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Known Information
Category : Science & Medicine (Pre-1930) > Scientific Instruments > OtherItem Id: 94861
Type: Scientific InstrumentsPeriod: 1951 to Present
Sub-Type: CalculatorsYear: 1964
Estimated value: 1100 USDUnofficial names: pepper grinder, peppermill, math grenade
Made in: Mauren, Liechtenstein Produce start: April 1, 1947
Produce end: November 1970 Sold Till: 1973
Serial No.: 58230 Engineer: Austrian engineer Curt Herzstark
Data entry: 8 digits ("setting sliders") Revolution counter: 6-digit
Result counter: 11-digit Parts: ~600, 139 unique
Can type: metal Crank type: plastic
Top decimal: 5 Bottom decimal: 2
Clearing ring: metal Entry levers: rectangle
Weight: 8oz - 230g, 244g (measured) Diameter: 2 1/16" / 2.08" - 53mm
Height: 3 3/8" / 3.35" - 85mm (w/crank: 4.21"/107mm) Case: 4.73" x 2.40" - 120mm x 61mm
Production: 80,000 items Useful: Curta Disassembly, Curta Manual

Curta is one of the first mechanical miniature machine that performs standart and egnineering calculations. This item was introduced by Curt Herzstark in 1948. It can be used to perform addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, square roots and other operations.

Major components of the machine are: the carriage that can be moved to Six different positions for multiplication and division; the number transmission mechanism; the ten's carry mechanism; and the result and counter dials.

Capacity of the machine is 8x6x11 places. Eight place digits can be set for addition or subtraction; six place multipliers can be used; and maximum results of eleven places can be obtained.

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