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Vintage 24 " Rectangualr Aluminum Ships Porthole - Ship Salvaged - Polished & Ready

Vintage 24    Category : Maritime > Portholes
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Vintage 24 Vintage 24 Vintage 24 Vintage 24


Uploaded by siboc on Jul 2, 2016
Known Information
Category : Maritime > PortholesItem Id: 162551
Estimated value: around 300 USD
More info
Length24 inches appx
Width18.25 inches appx
Viewable Glass19.5 inches by 13.75
Height3.75 inches appx
Size of viewable glass15.75 inches appx
The porthole has been salvaged from ship breaking yard and is made from marine quality aluminum and toughened glass
The porthole is made from marine quality highly durable aluminum and strong, thick durable toughened glass
Back that fits on the wall is 21.25 inches by 15.5 inches
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